2009 from 9-10am.

To find out more or to sign up for this class, go to: In instances like these, anxiety and stress tend to be in the foreground of our lives. Bringing music from the background to greatly help us re-connect with great feelings works well and basic, says Protzmann. Current medical study is catching up using what we musicians possess known all along: music is definitely powerful. My passion is definitely to teach folks to hear music in a genuine way that may change their lives. SOURCE Bill Protzmann.. Bill Protzmann to provide on the recovery power of music to The 60 Minute University Costs Protzmann brings his display on the recovery power of music to The 60 Minute University in Indian Wells on Mon December 14th, 2009 from 9-10am, at the Miramonte Holiday resort & Spa.‘A far more promising line of enquiry, nevertheless, is if the physical punishment of kids is effective.’ A recently published evaluation in CMAJ ( that summarizes 20 years’ of research on this issue shows that physical punishment of kids can lead to increased childhood aggression and mental medical issues in adulthood. Rather than making spanking of children a crime, emphasis should be positioned on educating parents on choice forms of discipline. This may be performed through parenting programs, which have been effective in teaching positive parenting and helping improve children’s behaviour, offering them in the first years so when children enter college.