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‘We are at a crossroads in our nation’s efforts to prevent drug abuse and addiction these statistics represent real lives that are at risk from the harmful and sometimes devastating effects of illicit drug use. 67 500nation can not afford, more individuals, families and communities at risk of illegal drugs or other types of drug abuse – instead, we need all we can to do to effectively to promote prevention, treatment and recovery programs across our country. ‘.

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Broccoli reduction associated with reduced risk of cancer, but this is the first major study of the impact on the health of joints. With funds from both Arthritis Research UK and of the eating and Health Research Industry Club , will be study the 650,000 – project, as Sulforaphan can be effect to slow down or prevent the progression toward osteoarthritis. There be the way to the the first patient to prepare research and may lead the certainty new methods of prevention and treatment of painful disease.