A 29-year-old farmer.

British farmer dies from rabbit flu An apparently healthy young farmer in Britain has died from rabbit flu online pharmacy . John Freeman, a 29-year-old farmer, died previously this month from bloodstream poisoning which he contracted from a rabbit he found on his farm after shooting it. Mr. Freeman of Aspall near Stowmarket in Suffolk, is thought to be Britain’s 1st rabbit flu victim. A post-mortem has revealed the condition had developed into septicaemia following blood poisoning which created when he captured Pasteuralla multocida, rabbit flu, from the rabbit. Related StoriesAustralian researchers look for a real way to improve cross-protective capabilities of influenza A vaccineESCMID, ESWI demand increased flu vaccination protection amongst healthcare professionalsNew nationwide report on use of antiviral drugs to treat, prevent influenzaRabbit flu is normally a common pet ailment and may spread from pets to humans.