A judge orders the Medicaid system there to cover autism therapy how it works.

Calif. In Florida, a judge orders the Medicaid system there to cover autism therapy, and Georgia prepares to restructure its system. Enrollment will become mandatory for beneficiaries eligible for both Medi-Cal and Medicare how it works . Jane Ogle, deputy director of healthcare delivery systems at the Section of Health Care Providers, was quick to point out that beneficiaries would keep their own physician, if that doctor is not in the Medi-Cal network even, and that beneficiaries have the charged power to opt out from the demonstration project, if they want . A scaled-down edition of the scheduled system called Community Based Adult Solutions will take its place.

Calif. Insurers, doctor groupings band to combat insurance referendum together California wellness insurers and several doctors organizations are banding together to oppose a ballot measure that could let officials regulate medical health insurance rate boosts. California Healthline: Health Insurers, Yesterday Physician Group Oppose Ballot Initiative, a coalition of medical health insurance organizations, the California Medical Association, the California Medical center Association and other organizations announced they were joining forces to battle a ballot measure designed to regulate health insurance rate raises.