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By self – referrals or the criminal justice system – Congress embraced addiction treatment as an integral part of health care reform, said Gabrielle de la Gueronniere, director for national policy at the Legal Action Center and a member of the CATG initiative. But federal and state regulators are now charged with the translation and implementation of this vision. This may be the single greatest opportunity to make a difference in our lives. The cost of untreated addiction are too great to not have this right. – At the national level, the Addiction Treatment Gap closing on four key elements that are needed to concentrate maximize presented the opportunity to healthcare reform:..

‘Drug use is on the rise in this country, 5 million Americans alcohol and drugs, alcohol and drugs, which is about one American in every 10 at age 12 is approximately equal to the entire population of Texas, but persons people. With an addiction treatment received. It shocking and unacceptable that so many Americans are living with an untreated chronic disease and can not access the treatment, ‘said Dr. Kima Joy Taylor, director of the CATG initiative.Proven the results of the stage I study of vaccine against anthrax.

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