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Osborne’s mother dropped to her knees. Her dad threw up. The survival rate for Stage 4 breast cancer is roughly 1 out of 5, based on the American Cancer Culture. After 2 yrs of treatment, she was given by a health care provider seven a few months to live – that was in 2013. ‘Every year, now that I’ve resided past that, I must say i want to send her any occasion cards that says ‘Still here.’ But I haven’t carried out that yet,’ Osborne says. Osborne quit her work in Chicago and transferred to New York for treatment. She resides at the Hope Lodge, housing for cancer patients run by the American Cancers Society.As a result, insufficient resources have already been channeled to the invention of dedicated surgical and medical products for the pediatric inhabitants. ‘Many devices used today to treat children are actually miniaturized adult products that usually do not sufficiently address the scientific needs of kids,’ says Dr. Richard Azizkhan, surgeon-in-chief, Lester W. Martin Chair of Pediatric Medical procedures at CCH. ‘Pediatric patients vary greatly because of a range of differences in proportions, anatomy, activity amounts, and physiology.