Abbott Nutrition reduces the amount of plastic in its 8 oz reclosable bottles by 8.

Through better design, the company cut polypropylene use by 2.7 million pounds annually. The reduced weight bottles also helps save 436,000 gallons gasoline used for transportation per year. Require Abbott recently completed a pilot program for shipments of some physician samples cooling. During the pilot, Abbott will examine ways to make this environmentally friendly alternative comparable to cost current package. The reusable box – which replaces a larger, single-use box – is smaller, reusable, recyclable and 100 % organic-based materials produced, and can be used more than 100 times.

Use less material and eco-friendly components transition .. In addition, Abbott works with major retail customers, sharing information on packaging reductions the company has achieved in its consumer products. The company protects its suppliers, holding them to strict requirements on the packaging. In 2008 the company created an internal packaging design guideline to improved sustainable packaging decisions in the design and development phase of the packaging easier. Our sustainable packaging commitment is the latest example of Abbott’s legacy is doing its part to protect the environment, explains Donald Patton, Senior Vice President, which Nutrition, Across the company, Abbott is the packaging its essential its essential functions while.Novagali has continued to expands to his new emulsion technology platform also used to treat on severe diseases of back of the eye. Eyeject has an intraocular delivery platform minimum minimally invasive alternative to the ocular implants for treating diseases the eye of the rear. Such an injectable emulsion is represents a prolonged, controlled release of medication to the retina and chorioid be administered administered simply in a non-surgical setting. Safe and effective Eyeject is organic solvent and preserving agents-free just only opthalmologically biocompatible excipients. Novagali studied Eyeject use in treatment of a number from rear ophthalmic diseases, including macular edema and diabetic retinopathy..

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