According to investigators

According to investigators, the central fibers of the optic nerve are most commonly affected. The drug may cause vision problems, to recognize the reduction in visual acuity, central blind or dark spots in the visual field, and often loss of the green green and sometimes red .

The impact of high concentrations of F16 cancer cell mitochondria are dramatic, Fantin said. Electron microscopy showed, when the mitochondria take up F16, they swell and eventually outer mitochondrial membrane outer mitochondrial membrane, she said. And if we markers of apoptosis, such as cytochrome c release looked, we could see. Clear evidence of such release in F16 – affected cells .

Affected child. Contributes higher risk of autisticresearchers have a shared gene variation that more than doubled the risk autism identifying. The study, out by researchers at at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development provides new insights into genetics of complex disease.