According to the FDA policy sildenafil citrate from India.

According to the FDA policy, which has been, in fact, since the early 1980s, are denied MSM from donating blood regardless of sexual activity, safer – sex practices or HIV status. Potential blood donors out a questionnaire a questionnaire before donating, and MSM, injecting drug users, people who are pregnant get a tattoo in the last 12 months and women were banned from donations sildenafil citrate from India . The American Red Cross, American Association of Blood Banks and America’s blood Centers in March 2006 asked , review the policy, reported would be fairer MSM from donating blood within 12 months of sexual activity with another man as a life ban. The groups say that the probability of receiving a unit of HIV-infected blood from a two million and banks banks used nucleic acid testing, HIV and hepatitis recognize earlier than older test methods. In addition, HIV is increasingly transmitted through heterosexual sex, and women make up more than a quarter of all new HIV / AIDS cases in the U.S., according to CDC . The Board does not agree blood drives at the county level property on concerns about shortages in donor blood to ban deliveries to local hospitals. However, said the board could consider such a ban in future. Jose State University president recently halted blood drives on campus, says the policy that bans MSM from donating blood of the school anti-discrimination legislation fails.

Genaera Corporation announced progress report Stage 1 safety and pharmacokinetics of data and Last preclinical data on trodusquemine , Genaera to the lead drug candidate for treating with type 2 diabetes and obesity, while the CBI 4th Annual adiposity Drug Development Summit in Arlington, Virginia.

This press release includes forward -looking statements under Private Securities Litigation Reform Reform Act 1995 that involve risks and uncertainties , known and unknown. Forward-looking statements reflect the current views and are based on certain assumptions and expectations based. Such statements include, among others , statements regarding preliminary results, to clinical development Maps and outlook Genaera Programmes including is trodusquemine and of IL – 9 antibody software. You can get some of these forward-looking statements by word usage in the statements such identified anticipate , believe , continue , develop , expect , plan and potential or other words of similar meaning. Genaera actual results and performance to be materially from those currently expected and expressed in on these and other forward-looking statements , including than outcome of a number of risk factors which, achieved limited to: Genaera history of operating losses since launch and necessity for additional funds for the operating the undertaking, which cost, delay and uncertainty for scientific research, drug development, clinical trials and regulatory permission, risk effect that clinical studies on Genaera drug candidates including the trodusquemine delayed and IL-9 antibody program or can not be successful, the risk of Genaera may not obtain regulatory approval for its products, whether due to to the adequacy of of the development program, the behavior of clinical trials, changing regulatory requirements, different methods of evaluating and interpreting information, regulatory interpretations of the clinical risks and benefits, or non; Genaera reliance on their employees, in connection with development and marketing of Genaera that IL – antibody antibody; market acceptance Genaera product, if regulatory approval is reached, contest, general financial, economic, regulatory and political of Service, forward looking statements the biotech and pharma industry and other risk and uncertainties in this communication and at Genaera ‘s filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, any of which are out of the Commission in the EDGAR database as a as well as external sources She are prompted to read these reports. Given the precarious security , the development stage pharmaceutical companies, They are reminded to to not place unreasonable reliance at these forward-looking statements, any of them prove to be incorrect due to inaccurate assumption, unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors. Genaera does not intend to to update publicly to revise or revise any forward. The forward-looking statements and which risk factors it to.