Although many heavy drinkers also smoked

Although many heavy drinkers also smoked, cigarette use was an independent risk factor for both chronic pancreatitis and recurrent acute pancreatitis. Among smokers, patients with chronic pancreatitis tended to smoke more and had smoked for a long time , which . In a dose-dependent effect – ‘Are the result of very heavy drinking and smoking, independent risk factors for chronic pancreatitis,’the authors write. Occurs ‘risk of chronic pancreatitis from alcohol consumption above a threshold level, while risk due to smoking is dose-dependent. Drinking levels in patients with recurrent acute pancreatitis control group are comparable. Only a minority of patients with recurrent acute pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis currently seen at secondary or tertiary centers in the U.S. Could very very heavy drinkers ‘.

In addition,es roles of alcohol, smoking in risk for pancreatitis – Although alcohol consumption is known to be pancreatitis pancreatitis, is a new proof that a threshold of five or more drinks is necessary per day significantly significantly risk, but most patients with chronic pancreatitis do not drink this amount, according to a report in the 8th June issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA / Archives journals. In addition, smoking is an independent, dose-dependent risk factor.

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