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Bharat Ramratnam, an HIV professional at Brown Medical School, Providence, Rhode Island, and his co-workers modified the genetic make-up of L. Lactis so that it produced Cyanovirin, a medication which has prevented HIV infections in monkeys and human cells, and is definitely well on the right track for human being trials in 2007. According to the experts, Cyanovirin binds to sugars molecules mounted on the HIV virus, blocking a receptor that HIV uses to infect cells, thus creating passive immunization. They believe gels including Cyanovirin could provide some protection for females against the transmitting of HIV, but because the drug breaks down quickly these would need to end up being smeared in the vagina instantly before sex.John Vincent and co-inventors. The test is being produced by Athena Diagnostics Inc. Of Worcester, Massachusetts, part of publicly kept Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. CAMH and Athena Diagnostics signed a licensing contract in December 2009 that will make the test available to doctors by January 2011. The test will be marketed in Canada, the united states, and Japan. Physicians using the test will collect a small saliva or bloodstream sample. The sample will be sent by them to Athena Diagnostics for testing to identify mutations on the FHL1 gene. Genetic counsellors will assist the doctor to interpret the full total results for your client and family members, to advise whether family and offspring are in threat of inheriting the gene. Linked to FHL1 gene Our check is for a specific muscles disorder that was lately determined.