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While the geographic area to which it is native is unidentified, this area seems to include at least parts of Uganda and Western Kenya, and perhaps Zimbabwe. Much like Ebola virus, the real animal web host for Marburg virus also remains a mystery. Both of the men infected in 1980 in western Kenya experienced traveled extensively, including making a check out to a cave, in that area. The cave was investigated by putting sentinels animals inside to find if indeed they would become infected, and by taking samples from numerous arthropods and animals trapped through the investigation. The investigation yielded no virus. The sentinel animals remained healthy no virus isolations from the samples obtained have been reported.Obese BMI is highly associated with substantial raises in the risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other chronic illnesses, leading to higher mortality, However, research show that some social people with obese BMI possess improved metabolic profile and reduced cardiovascular risk, whereas a subset of individuals with regular BMI are unhealthy and have increased mortality risk metabolically.