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In the adoption of legislation that would prohibit direct-to-consumer ads in the first three years after a drug approved unsuccessfully They have ‘stepped up their monitoring of the pharmaceutical industry, energized by a recent discovery ‘that Merck and Schering-Plough recruit attract cholesterol drug Vytorin after a study showed it is not more effective than a cheaper generic alternatives, the AP / Chronicle reports. Legislators expected to propose similar legislation later this year (Perrone, AP / Houston Chronicle.. Drug Company Executives concerns about ads In House Control Panel Hearing Respond During a hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Committee Oversight Subcommittee on Thursday defended executives from Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and a joint venture between Merck and Schering-Plough TV prescription drug See, the legislators possible misleading of consumers, the AP / Houston Chronicle reported.

In several studies, zinc lozenges caused side effects such as bad taste, but there is no evidence that zinc lozenges could eventually cause damage. Further, in the recent study of zinc acetate lozenges, there were no significant difference between the zinc and placebo groups in the incidence of side effects, although the daily dose of 92 mg zinc was. Hemila the conclusion that since a large proportion of the subjects remained without adverse effects, zinc lozenges might be useful for them. As a treatment option for the common cold., The research team from Dr. Carol Lynn Berseth of Mead Johnson Nutrition, Indiana, to to half of the Equation babies do a formula change during the first six months of life.

Notes:tolerance of of standard intact protein formula compared with a partly saponified formula into healthy, newborn Carol Lynn Berseth, Susan Hazel Mitmesser, Ekhard Send Ziegler, John GB Marunycz and Jon of Vanderhoof Nutrition Journal . Items All items are available free of charge depending on BioMed Central Open Access Policy.