And pollution of water reservoirs and inadequate housing.

‘Urban infrastructure development is considered to be a physical link to the incidence of malaria and other communicable diseases have particularly as a result of waste management problems, and pollution of water reservoirs and inadequate housing, said, and malaria programs in many countries, ‘continue to vertically primarily in approach and orientation and are minimally articulated / integrated with the system of primary health care the potential gains the potential gains impaired in integrated and comprehensive health care to the affected population. ‘.

Dr. In 2006.noted that in America, about 74 % of by Plasmodium by Plasmodium vivax, with Plasmodium falciparum accounts for almost 26 % of cases. ‘The most recent regional data on malaria-associated mortality from country reports in 2005 reflect a 69 % decrease from the 2000 baseline figures It is expected that these mortality figures declined further in 2006. ‘.For instance that to detect counterfeit drugs without opening the package.

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