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M., these officials were even more worried about covering up the risks of ManAfriVac than with safeguarding villagers from harm. ‘[T]he authorities and the press have eliminated silent about the tragedy, while there are specifics requiring clarification still,’ stated Mr. M. Within an email to England about the incident. At this time in time, without any media has found upon this important story. ‘All of this disturbs us and makes us dread the worst results for future years. [I]t is quite sad that whole town is paralyzed.’ Gates Base, WHO lie about protection of MenAfriVacWorse may be the reality that the Costs & Melinda Gates Basis, the World Health Business , and The Meningitis Vaccine Project , which promote MenAfriVac heavily, have openly lied about the security of the vaccine by repeatedly claiming it could be transported without refrigeration.At a time when one’s life is full of concern for their loved one, assistive technology such as personal alarms can decrease stress by providing a simple solution that allows carers to handle their daily commitments. Related StoriesStudy analyzes mental stress of family caregivers following Alzheimer's diagnosisUnpredictable tension during adolescence may help you prepare for potential challengesNoninvasive CT scans greater than stress lab tests in spotting clogged arteriesA Tunstall personal alarm allows a person coping with illness to easily activate an alarm demand assistance and speak hands-free with their carer or a 24 hour response operator who’ll organise the help required.