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Diversification of revenues offers been among our three pillars of achievement going back two years. .. Biocordcell Argentina starts bone marrow stem cell storage space services to cancers surgeries prior Cord Bloodstream America, Inc. , the umbilical cord bloodstream stem cell preservation organization focused on bringing the life span keeping potential of stem cells to households nationwide and internationally, announced that Biocordcell Argentina S today.A., headquartered in Buenos Aires, its stem cell storage company which solutions SOUTH USA and Miami, Florida, has started storing bone marrow stem cells ahead of transplantation in remedies for cancer. The storage space is short-term, for 90 days or less, in fact it is carried out at a medical center in Buenos Aires, stated Diego Rissola, President of BioCells Argentina.This qualified prospects to infantile onset Pompe disease. The average onset of the infantile disease is usually before two months of age and the affected kids often die before the age of one year. Usual symptoms are floppy appearance, issues in swallowing and sucking, an enlarged center which may lead to heart failure, complications in breathing, and respiratory infections. There is no cure for the disease, but enzyme alternative therapy relieves the symptoms and prolongs the patient's lifespan. Canine Pompe disease may happen in Swedish Lapphunds and in this study it was revealed also from Finnish Lapphunds. Normally this enzyme breaks down the stored glycogen into glucose inside the lysosomes.