As ALS ice bucket problem sweeps the nation.

As ALS ice bucket problem sweeps the nation, a closer look at what ALS is and the foods that can help Recently, videos of friends, family and celebrities deliberately pouring a bucket of ice water on the heads have been showing up everywhere. The video clips are component of an effort that the ALS Association hopes can help raise both consciousness and donations concerning the disease for gyno reversal . Up to now, it’s worked; between 29 and August 12 July, 2014, the ALS Association and its 38 chapters have received $4 million in donations, up from the $1.12 million through the same time frame in 2013.

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Ascend Wellness opens Mother-Infant Outpatient Program to take care of post-partum depression Ascend Health Company, through Cedar Hills Hospital, announced the opening of the Mother-Infant Outpatient Program, the initial in the Pacific Northwest area where new mothers can receive treatment with their children in a safe, caring and convenient setting. Post-partum major depression is a serious illness that impacts one in ten new mothers in the usa. Related StoriesNew research finds insufficient proof for usage of Omega 3 health supplements in treating main depressive disorderResilience-based programs can help LGBT youths cope with detrimental stressorsUCLA launches second Grand Problem to reduce health insurance and economic impacts of depressive disorder Removing the infant from the mother only deepens the melancholy for the mom and worsens the condition, says Nicole Harrington Cirino, M.D., Medical Director for the Mother-Infant System at Cedar Hills Hospital.