As sick children pour in.

As sick children pour in, may hospitals cope? CHICAGO – – In the Lurie Children’s Medical center in Chicago, beds are filling up faster than they may be emptied. ‘We’ve more individuals than we’ve had in a while,’ nurse manager Maria Pasquale said. ‘And it’s not stopping.’ CBS This Morning Rare respiratory virus hits children in Midwest Many children would have to be hospitalized after having difficulty inhaling and exhaling. Dr. Holly Phillip joins ‘CBS This Morning’ to go over the virus. It isn’t stopping due to a rare form of the normal cold – – that’s not common, reports CBS Information correspondent Dean Reynolds. The virus, known as Enterovirus 68, primarily impacts the respiratory tabs on small children like River Johnson, on Sunday whose mom brought him to the emergency room.Muscle pain, backache 5. Sciatica, spinal and swelling pain 6. Inflammation and joint discomfort. Which means that not arthritis patients simply, but other folks, who are searching for the best organic treatment for joint and muscle mass stiffness can depend on Rumoxil capsules and Rumoxil essential oil. Are these remedies secure to use? Both capsules and the essential oil are made of effective herbal elements with discomfort relieving, anti-swelling and anti-arthritic properties.