British GPs elect fresh leader Dr Hamish Meldrum.

On getting appointed chairman, Dr Meldrum said: ‘I feel very privileged to end up being elected to lead the GPC at such a crucial time for general practice. There is still an enormous job of function to be done, not just to implement the new GMS contract, but to make sure that all GPs, whatever their contractual scenario, have an opportunity to develop and flourish both because of their benefit and that of their sufferers. Working together, we must persuade governments to supply the resources which will consolidate the positioning of general practice in its rightful place in the centre of the NHS.’ In addition to his part as GPC Chairman, he’ll continue to work in his Bridlington practice for part of every full week.That is truly a wonderful in shape for BAZI, mentioned Kevin Sherman, CEO of BAZI. .

Amgen Changemakers and Basis Start Global Online Competition to Empower Patients The Amgen Basis is supporting an online competition with Ashoka’s Changemakers to find the best solutions that elevate patients’ voices to improve health outcomes globally. The Patients Options Empowerment competition is seeking solutions that tap the medical encounter, knowledge, and wisdom of past and current patients, health care practitioners, advocates and various other key stakeholders to make sure that patients have an active role in their personal healthcare. The ideal solutions are the ones that empower the patient and provide avenues for informed decisions.