But the true number of animals used for preliminary research is on the rise.

By Elie Dolgin Medication businesses in the EU are turning to nonanimal ways of test medicines increasingly, but the true number of animals used for preliminary research is on the rise, according to figures published 30 September by the European Commission. Although the full total number of animals used for scientific purposes in the EU’s 27 member says has held steady in around 12 million each year, this overall body masks shifting developments in pet experimentation. The European Commission record, which files data submitted for 2008, demonstrates studies investigating fundamental biological principles used around 4.The image is then transmitted as electric pulses to the retina via an array of implanted electrodes. From there, the given information is processed and passed along to the mind. To day, six volunteers have received implants of a micro-electronic gadget that rests on the top of retina to p erform the function of normal photoreceptive cells. Auciello and his colleague John A. Carlisle created a novel software for the patented ultrananocrystalline gemstone technology developed at Argonne for the packaging of implantable electronics and as electrode materials. The scientific and technical bases of ultrananocrystalline gemstone films were developed by a large band of researchers in the Surface Science group in Argonne’s Components Science Division.