But the underlying factors behind this arent well understood.

.. Children exposed to maternal smoking in utero possess increased DNA methylation in AXL gene Kids whose grandmothers or mothers smoked during pregnancy are in increased threat of asthma in childhood, but the underlying factors behind this aren’t well understood. Today a new study indicates changes in an activity called DNA methylation that occurs before birth could be a root cause. The scholarly study will be presented at the ATS 2011 International Meeting. DNA methylation is a process that can alter a gene’s usual function. These modified genes can be approved along from parent to child. In this case, researchers observed DNA methylation-related adjustments in the AXL gene in kids exposed to maternal cigarette smoking in utero.‘Second,’ he said, ‘we are almost addicted to television and computers. Us citizens ages 18 to 64 average more than 35 hours of free time each full week, however they spend half of it watching television. Third, our society is maturing – – 13 % of us are 65 years aged or older. Fourth, a complete lot of physical activities, such as for example hockey and tennis, can be expensive to participate in because of the gear and memberships they might need. And finally, due to crime, some people are frightened to leave their homes to go out for a walk or a run.’ According to Robinson, even though two hours weekly of exercise doesn’t look like much, it’s more than what people were getting in 1965.