Cephalon intends to make takeover bid for ChemGenex Cephalon.

Cephalon intends to make takeover bid for ChemGenex Cephalon, Inc. and ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals Limited today jointly announced that Cephalon’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Cephalon CXS Holdings Pty Ltd, intends to create a takeover bid for ChemGenex. OMAPRO lately completed Phase III medical trials and ChemGenex plans to file a fresh Drug Program with the U tadacip 20 .S. Drug and Food Administration in the next half of 2011. The takeover bid gets the unanimous support of the ChemGenex Directors who will recommend it to ChemGenex Shareholders in the absence of a superior present.


The lower efficacy in the oldest age group may result from a larger proportion of women in that generation having had persistent infections during vaccination, he said. The study is the final report from the Papilloma Trial Against Cancer tumor in Young Adults , a multinational medical trial encompassing 14 countries in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, North America, and Latin America, and it confirms previous reviews in this trial. The over-all trial constituted the basis for authorization of the Cervarix vaccine in Europe and the United States.