City lampposts to collect data from citizens as they pass by At the same time when the U.

City officials who accepted the devices are trying to pass them off as nothing harmful; it’s just the city conducting research: The curled metal fittings set to go up on a handful of Michigan Avenue light poles later come early july may appear to be delicate pieces of sculpture, but experts say they’ll provide a big stage forward in the manner Chicago understands itself by observing the city’s people and environment. ‘Where innovation happens’ As you’ll imagine, the devices are stirring concerns about privacy already; many say they see the installation of the technology as just another encroachment of ‘YOUR GOVERNMENT’ authorities.The advantage of a product like this is found in its complicated phytochemical molecules, not really its isolated components. I haven’t however tested additional Suja juices, so keep tuned in to Natural News for more reports each week. Where to find out more:Find out more about the Metals Retention Element and Metals Capturing Capability of foods and superfoods by watching my videos: Get all laboratory test outcomes FREE at.. Clinipace Worldwide closes merger with Choice Pharma Clinipace Worldwide, a global digital contract research firm , today the closing of its merger with Choice Pharma announced, a Pan-Asian contract research organization.