Compared to 7 % with cyclosporine.

More patients experienced acute rejection – a temporary flare-up of immune system against the donated kidney – under belatacept , compared to 7 % with cyclosporine. But in most cases the acute rejection was successfully treated with medication to graft to graft failure. Larsen and Pearson then showed co-stimulationfied protein could be effective in a non-human primate model for kidney transplantation Emory’s Yerkes National Primate Research Center.

The results are published in the March issue of the the American Journal of Transplantation.The senior author of the paper describing BENEFIT is Christian P. Director of the Emory Transplant Center and chair of the Department of Surgery at Emory University School of Medicine. The lead author is Flavio Vincenti, Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. Thomas C. Pearson, professor of surgery at Emory and co-director of the kidney / pancreas transplant program at the Emory Transplant Center, a co – author on a companion paper describing belatacept ‘s performance on ‘extended criteria ‘kidney ..Joshua Du Bois, are in.S. $ 1.3 million prvide contribution by the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office theists surgical food aid for the Western Saharan refugees welcomes to Algeria. ‘According to the European Commission has your generosity and welfare through funding WFP to work to support these refugees who indicated keep extremely need of humanitarian aid,’said Marius de Gaay Fortman, WFP Country Director in Algeria.

WFP has been assistance for refugees since 1986. Western Saharan refugees continued almost completely on support the international community. 5 of the international community , there is continuing concern about the nutritional condition of refugees, a limited access to limited access to fresh foods only and other necessary micro nutrients. Results of of the last nutritional study in 2005 revealed that 39 % child under five from chronic malnutrition, while suffering from two in three women of childbearing age from anemia.