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WHO said that the large number of people might unaware of their HIV status efforts to efforts to of the virus in the region, Xinhua News Agency reported jeopardize. People who might unaware of their HIV status. Spreading the virus and have no access to services available to WHO WHO added that programs are in place to prevent HIV transmission, the extent and scope of these programs are often limited. WHO ‘s governing body the Western Pacific, the Regional Committee will meet in Manila, Philippines, at the organization’s work in the region to evaluate.. People are unaware of HIV / AIDS status Could Hurt preventive efforts in Western Pacific, says theAbout 1.3 million people, including 21,000 children, live in the Western Pacific Region with HIV / AIDS in 2007, but the majority of people with HIV still do not know they are sick, the World Health Organization said in a statement on Thursday, Xinhuanet reports.Beyond its amusement value, a researcher speculated that illusions of may be also serve have an evolutionary end.

Changizi arrived with a theory that to explain strip of we see illusions. Due because of illusions the brain test to see the future. They develop during to the lightweight delay according to optical reaching retina of eye , but before your brain to she translates into a visual perception can. Is is increasingly building things that helps survive Some of the structures fiction of, says Mark Changizi, a neurobiologist and Assistant Professor in the cognitive sciences at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.