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The arrival of Europeans brought diseases such as measles, influenza and smallpox to the Americas. Less well known is that Europeans also brought premature tooth decay to American Indians by introducing sugar and sugared foods. Before the adoption of European food patterns, tooth decay was mostly a disease of old age in the New World. With the added sugar in the American Indian diet caries was a disease that begins early in life. We Indians of all ages, many without adequate or timely access to dental care, are by tooth decay.

A new research by H1N1 deaths in the United States in the spring and configuration likely outcomes for this autumn that typical – and perhaps even a milder flu season than average – have been expected. – Flu is a severe disease, it is crushing people, he said. But he added: time power a great disservice to public health where in the name of pension Crusades, man in a story out of crisis and emergency before enough data that this is happens. – Around the time that that the swine flu began to headlines Alcabes ‘ book Dread: What fear fancy are epidemics of vom Schwarzen death of Avian Driven has been published, and he said that the circumstances of H1N1 have an apt case study.