During 13 years of follow-up were diagnosed with breast cancer in the partners of 20.

‘We suspect that some sort of screening of the partners of cancer patients in general and those of breast cancer patients might particular for depressive symptoms is important to avoid the devastating consequences of cancer Johansen is committed to the integration of spouses in the clinical treatment of cancer. – sources: Wiley – Blackwell, AlphaGalileo Foundation.. During 13 years of follow-up were diagnosed with breast cancer in the partners of 20,538 men. One hundred and 80 of these men to the hospital to hospital with a mood disorder.

Male partners of women with breast cancer with affective disorders, the great depression are will examined at the hospital, bipolar disease and other serious mood-altering conditions. The researchers examined data from 1,596 men who were 30 years or older, resided in Denmark, had no history of hospitalization for an affective disorder, and had always lived long with the same partner for at least five years.. Christoffer Johansen, MD, DSC , the Institute of cancer Epidemiology in Copenhagen, Denmark, led a team that treated in hospital.Using the ADAThe American Diabetes Association, the nation’s leading voluntary health organization has supporting diabetes research, information and advocacy. Founded in created in 1940 , the association has agencies in each region of of the land providing services to hundreds of communities. Formation and provider recognizing program;, and its research community and Nationwide Research Program that fund a breakthrough trials in healing, prevention and treatment diabetes and its complications of the Association ‘s commitment to research contradictory through its features academic conferences. Note: All HHS press releases.

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