Have obtained with our two SPAs and protocols approved by the FDA.

have obtained with our two SPAs and protocols approved by the FDA, we can lead a clearly defined, reasonable and feasible LibiGel development make way to the approval of LibiGel potential benefits to a broader population of women in the menopausal years absence. Approved drug for the treatment of FSD or HSDD in the U.S., LibiGel, if approved by the FDA, is a truly unserved market. BioSante to the development of LibiGel, which be be the first product approved by the FDA is required for this treatment in the U.S. .

Uppsala University Uppsala University, founded in 1477, is the oldest university in Sweden with venerable traditions from Linnaeus, Celsius, Angstrom and at the same time the newest. There is also a new virtual IT department for research and education. Uppsala University has one of the largest faculties of Science and Technology in Sweden and the only faculty of pharmacy. Today Uppsala University has 37 000 students and 5 500 employees.Development of lifesaving citizens U.S. Residents U.S. Citizen American citizens U.S. Persons published several op – eds addressed U.S. Health Care System.