It has six members: EACR

About ECCOECCO is a non – profit organization founded in September 2007 to replace the Federation of European Cancer Societies . It has six members: EACR , EONS , ESMO , ESSO , ESTRO and SIOPE . There are 24 national member societies in total, more than 50,000 cancer professionals. ECCO plays an important role in engaging with the policy, the interests of the cancer patients who take care of them, and those without whose research there were no progress in the treatment and care will encouraged. Its official journal, the European Journal of Cancer.

This unique platform is a forum for leading cancer experts from around the world their latest research findings their latest research findings and debate controversial issues surrounding the future of research, treatment and care. Some 15,000 expects around 15,000 participants from 120 countries to host, and is the largest oncology meetings in Europe to date. In more than 2,000 presentations, the conference on the latest advances in the prevention, treatment and survival, proteomics, biomarkers, pharmacogenomics and imaging, as well as the latest findings on epidemiological trends, complementary therapies and quality of life issues. For the first time, the meeting was also a patient organizations track and a track on oncopolicy, which is aimed at strengthening the European policy in the field of cancer research and care.

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