It is lower in omega-6 fatty acids.

Moreover, it is lower in omega-6 fatty acids , which reduces the formation of arachidonic acid, a pro-inflammatory compound. Sorry, can increase the saturated fat inflammation then this somewhat somewhat compensated. MCTs are by the liver , so that they are less stored as body fat.

Research on coconut oil is still limited, but a small study in the journal Lipids published found that in women with excessive belly fat , with coconut oil, medium chain triglycerides a low calorie diet and walking for almost an hour per day increases good cholesterol, HDL, and lowered abdominal fat more than a diet with soybean oil. .On migraine research funding: ‘it is a hundred times more per person for epilepsy research[ as for migraine research][ spent], 33 times more for people with asthma, these figures are grossly disproportionate, the pain is caused. ‘.

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