It might look uncomfortable.

It might look uncomfortable, but Lou flakes, this mask says it helps the best sleep of his life. After years of snoring, his wife insisted that he go to the doctor diagnosed, Lou with sleep apnea. She said that I had 35 interruptions of my sleep per hour so it meant that I never asleep get complete says Lou.

So doctors decided at the Ohio State University Medical Center, to find out. Then patients were sleeping in. C-PAP masks After a few weeks they were playing for another MRI, and the by what by what they saw. We saw that before treatment, the heart was enlarged but after three months of careful use of their CPAP we saw a reduction in the enlargement of the heart, says Dr.Lamb work be journal Molecular journal Molecular Cell, and like normal scientific process of, this will to elicit calls scientists around the world, that others ideas on why that way is relevant of disease would have.

Over-activity to stress and diseases to react for a number of other things. Lamb and the team will investigate whether the cancer cells from out of this potential of over-activity the the path are supported.