Leading your doctor to prescribe a promoted bone-building medication widely?

Calcium and supplement D intake before bone density test can reduce risk of osteoporosis Has a bone relative density scan placed you at risk for osteoporosis, leading your doctor to prescribe a promoted bone-building medication widely? Not fast! A University of Illinois study finds an effective first course of action is raising dietary calcium and vitamin D or taking calcium and vitamin D supplements. For most people, prescription bone-building medicines should be a last holiday resort, stated Karen Chapman-Novakofski, a U of I professor of nutrition and co-writer of a literature review published in a recent issue of Nutrients.

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Cairn Research’s transatlantic partnership with Chroma Technology & 89north bears fruit Cairn’s product sales collaboration with optical filtration system producer Chroma Technology and their 89North subsidiary, where Cairn officially represents these businesses in Europe and 89North distributes Cairn products in North America, has recently substantially increased Cairn’s UNITED STATES existence. Cairn’s President, Dr. Martin Thomas, says: We’ve been searching for this kind of collaboration for years, and in Chroma and 89North we’ve discovered the perfect partner. Both our organisations are free of any outside investment, which allows us to arrange for the long run together. Our collaboration is usually extending into new product development now, for which there will be some exciting announcements quickly.