Magnet designation is a very prestigious award for health care facilities.

Magnet label about teamwork and commitment to quality nursing is through amazing collaborations with each division each department Geisinger Medical Center, ‘added Terri Bickert, GMC magnet program director.. Magnet designation is a very prestigious award for health care facilities, which measure a demanding set of criteria must satisfy the strength and quality of care. Magnet hospitals as places Last April excellent Magnet and have known a great deal of job satisfaction. Magnet hospitals also encourage open communication between nurses and members of the nursing team and provide nurse involvement in decisions about patient care. ‘We have set a very high goal and achieved,’said Sue Hallick, MHA NE – BC, executive vice president and chief nursing officer for Geisinger Health System.

GMC filed Last April, the 11 – volume, 537 pages Magnet document with data and various notes, alive the Medical Center meets the high quality standards of the magnet designation. The document signed by the ANCC and early summer has been assumed were teams of GMC nurses, staff, and administrators for the final phase, prepared a three-day visit in August referees. Every detail has been planned to cover as much ground and see how many GMC staff as possible.The team is now working to a similar procedure to tackle a strain of Botrytis cinerea capable of of both botrydial and second toxin, which it use manufacture, order his work goals attacking.

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