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Our results are consistent with growing evidence that IUCE exposure does not individually predict poorer achievement scores in school-age children exposed to multiple other element exposures and psychosocial stressors, explained lead author Ruth Rose-Jacobs, ScD, associate professor of pediatrics at BUSM and a comprehensive research scientist at BMC. However, according to Rose-Jacobs, the unfavorable associations of IUAE on arithmetic reasoning and spelling had been significant as the analyses had controlled for other substances; the small children did not have FAS and had not been born preterm, which might negatively influenced achievement scores.About 500 types of APIs items are prearranged on the website, and detail details including molecule weight are available easily, some also list with application. Sequencing in the region of CAS quantity makes all products could be searched with convenience. For nearly every product, detail info is included, like framework, specification, purity, molecule fat, and other related info, bringing much comfort for people to have an instant scan.