New research by the Dana-Farber Malignancy Institute.

Hassett believes there are always a true quantity of possible explanations for these events; clinical trials may not detect all of the side effects that occur and folks signed up for clinical trials may be less likely than those treated in the overall community to see serious side effects of chemotherapy. Also clinical trials might possibly not have enough power to detect rare side effects. Hassett says addititionally there is the opportunity that the analysis may possess overestimated the probability of serious side effects of chemotherapy, because medical center bills instead of medical records were used to recognize such events. Other specialists say that tracking adverse events is an extremely difficult task, and the systems used are not imperfect.In a previous research BCRI experts discovered that intravenous infusions of supplement C had been selectively toxic to tumor cells.

Christiana Care Health Program named 2010 Alliance Advancement Award winner Christiana Care Health Program has been named the 2010 Alliance Technology Award winner from the Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Centers , a national business made up of 69 main academic medical centers and wellness systems.