Northwestern Memorial Hospital is an excellent partner for our HIFU technology debuting in the U.

President of atrial fibrillation St. Jew medical business. McCarthy prestigious international reputation and long experience in the surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation with Northwestern Memorial ‘s commitment to building a leading heart program combined the possibility of them an ideal team this new approach to surgical cardiac ablation introduce ‘The Maze procedure is the most effective cure for AF, which irregular heartbeats – a major cause of stroke, heart attack and heart failure – in 97 % of patients during the gold standard in the surgical. Treatment of AF, the Maze procedure by only a handful of surgeons across the country is carried out, addition technical.

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He spent six years than dosimitrist, therapists and Radiological Protection officer Decatur General in Decatur, Alabama, and 10 years of on as an administrator of cancer program at the hospital. He last worked in Atlanta Ambulatory Surgery Center, an administrator administrator. McNutt holds a bachelor s degree in radiologic computer science from University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and a master’s degree the hospital administration from the University of Alabama in Birmingham in Birmingham, Alabama, at ASTRO, are Mr. McNutt is be responsible for supervision the four regions of the HealthPolicyMonitor Committee Department of, which used and applied code, code development has and assessment, regulatory and practice management, I belong for surveillance of new technology..