One of the compounds protect later that protect hair cells from a mouse inner ear to the drug.

Using the same screening technique – exposing five day old zebrafish larvae to neomycin and later applying special stains the hair cells – the researchers screened more than 10,000 compounds and narrows it to provide down to two similar chemicals robust protection of the hair against the cells neomycin. One of the compounds protect later that protect hair cells from a mouse inner ear to the drug, indicating that the same compound may be, as well as a protective layer for other mammals. One of the advantages of working with zebrafish, like other fish, they produce hundreds of offspring, we can see lots of animals and we can see lots of hair cells per animal, which means getting that we ‘re good at. Quantitative data, ‘said Dr.. Next , the team investigated whether they chemical compounds chemical compounds protect the hair cells against ototoxic medicines.

Use of a chemical that causes random mutations in zebrafish, the researchers bred various fish families, with each family has a different set of mutations. The researchers then five-day-old larvae exposed to the drug neomycin progeny, a type of antibiotic causing damage. These hair cells as well as those in the human inner ear The larvae were then stained to determine whether the hair cells were still intact. Which damage damage were quickly identified as those who were particularly vulnerable.. The researchers initially set out to identify genes, such as hair cells can be identified respond ototoxic drugs involved.HUMIRA the first fully human monoclonal antibody Europe for RA allowed pharmaceutical and medical products and said first Tumour necrosis factor alpha antagonist with a a display for use with MTX or Up to now to date has HUMIRA approved in 57 countries and prescribed to treat more than 83,000 by with RA TNF. Clinical studies are present that potential of of HUMIRA in other autoimmune disorders.

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