Published by lead researcher Phyllis Ellickson and colleagues.

Department of Health and Human Services. NIDA supports more than 85 % of the world’s research on the health aspects of drug abuse and addiction. The Institute carries out a variety of programs to ensure the rapid dissemination of research information and its implementation results in policy and practice. This is why we urge hearts patients to visit throughout Britain their doctor and get the flu vaccine, it is more the risk of developing the risk of developing the virus, takes less than a minute and it’s free now is the time to think ahead and protect your heart health in this winter ‘.. The study, published by lead researcher Phyllis Ellickson and colleagues, in the November 2003 issue of the American Journal of Public Health.

Prevention program curbs drug abuse among middle-school youth workResults of a recent study that the project ALERT, a widely used school-based drug prevention program successfully curbs the use of alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana to middle – school students.The study, introduced on Sir Richard Doll is to under way since 1951, and was which first study in which to do the link between smoking and cancer.