Said Amnon Gonenne.

Filing the patent on these important discoveries a significant step towards securing our intellectual property position and forwards with potential strategic relationships and commercialization of what would specific serum specific serum diagnostic test for ovarian cancer, said Amnon Gonenne, CEO of MabCure. Every year, In a blinded study of 54 blood samples, MabCure the MAbs correctly diagnosed 16 of the 17 ovarian cancer with a sensitivity of 94 % and 100 % specificity. The samples were composed of 17 patients with ovarian cancer, 5 patients with benign tumors of the ovaries, 24 healthy young females and 8 males.

– This press release includes forward-looking statements . Not purely historical are forward looking statements and include any statements regarding beliefs, expectations or intentions regarding the future. Actual results could vary from the forward-looking statements due to numerous factors. Such factors include, among others, the change in business model focus of the management of the Company and the Company’s inability current objectives. Current objectives.. MabCure successfully generated hybridoma for four different types of cancer, to produce, respectively, antibodies to melanoma, an aggressive form of prostate cancer, for ovarian cancer, and colon cancer.MIPCA MIPCA the leading company throughout to manage for the management of a headache into primary care, and did strong connections with the Migraine Action Association , academic societies and government groups. It works through research and education to set standards for the care of headache patients founded in and is a founder member of Headache UK umbrella organization that promoting the significance on a headache nationally, both medically and politically.

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