Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

CBS ‘ Evening News on Tuesday at the meeting reported The segment includes comments from Committee Chair Bob Filner (D-Calif. Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Peake Peake and Ira Katz, head of mental health for the VA (Keteyian, Evening News .

Katz that suicide statistics are used challenged by a CBS news story in a 12 December 2007, but the same statistics cited in an internal e-mail three days later, he said. ‘What we see, is a pattern ‘of’bureaucratic cover-ups, ‘and added: ‘the pattern is deny deny, deny, if the facts do not agree with this refusal, you can cover up cover up, cover-up when the lid – falling apart falling apart, to admit that a little of the problem ‘(CQ HealthBeat.. In an e-mail announced last month alleged Katz that 12,000 veterans try yearly suicide during treatment from the department. Katz wrote in the email: ‘Shush,’added: ‘Is this something we should turn into a kind of release before someone stumbles on it ‘the e-mail was submitted as part of an action VA is unable to promise the medical services, veterans released.Source: Jennifer O’ Brien University of California at – San FranciscoA medicamentous therapy is currently be used to treat non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and rheumatoid arthritis had a significant effect in treating the most common type for multiple sclerosis at a small, short-term clinical trials.

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