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TD2 is a head and modification agent in the scientific community’s effort to use innovative molecular analysis technology to resolve challenges in the medication development and oncology areas, stated Brian McKernan, CEO of Avantra. We have been delighted to partner with TD2. Our collaboration making use of their outstanding group of experts is a critical element of Avantra’s objective of integrating our QPDx proteomic solutions with novel and leading edge molecular profiling systems, McKernan stated.Have a look at how cancer researchers dress when managing the stuff. They look similar to astronauts with their defensive gear than any kind of normal researchers. So, if chemo is safe, why on the planet would they use that plastic head gear and those full body suits? Looking at this picture, you have to consider, why wouldn’t the researchers and designers want to come anywhere near it? The answer, as it turns out, is pretty basic. Here are a few reasons. Chemotherapy completely destroys the immune system which is required to drive back every disease imaginable, including cancer tumor itself.