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The most common side effects were mild-to – moderate headache, fatigue and neuropathy. Grade 3 fatigue was reported in two patients, and was the only class 3 side effects in more than one patient reported no severe , side effects have been of the agent. Of the agent. The maximum tolerated dose was established to be 112 mg/m2/week. – This study – Study 003 – has provided us with important information on the safety of IMGN901 when provided alone to treat multiple myeloma that has progressed on numerous prior therapies, said James O’Leary, vice president and chief medical Officer of ImmunoGen.

– Eleven patients had stable disease , with eight of those patients who continued treatment for at least 12 weeks at the time of data cut-off for presentation. These include four patients at least 24 at least 24 weeks and IMGN901 two other patients still under treatment.The court ruled in that the parents and their child not authorized to recover damages the hospital and physicians who allegedly not detect the anomaly that leading Down syndrome. To assess the couple the Court analyzes the Court analyzes a North Dakota law that says that there is no person . On a claim , but for the action or omission from another, that person would have have canceled is based a claim to claim damages The parents of argued that although the law prohibiting claims by a person on that person in his own name, the law does not forbids those claim brought by other name the child.