The babies in this study were a high-risk group order.

The babies in this study were a high-risk group, which had been selected based on specific criteria, so these results are not generally applicable to the wider population of preterm infants order . This in addition to the fact that the researchers were screening for autism and not the diagnosis means that more research is needed before we can magnitude of the risk magnitude of the risk associated with prematurity. The majority of women who have premature babies a healthy, happy pregnancy and birth. This research does not change that image.

Enrollment For New Consolidated Wisconsin Health Program affect higher than expected, could costEnrollment in new Wisconsin BadgerCare Plus program has exceeded officials ‘ expectations, with more than 71,000 inhabitants , the enrollment in the first six weeks of the program, the consolidated Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports (Boulton / Forster, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the program and streamlines the state existing Medicaid, Healthy Start and Badger Care programs.

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