The campaign includes materials designed to firefighters GenericSildenafil.Org.

The campaign includes materials designed to firefighters, the risks of smoking and information on how to quit GenericSildenafil.Org . These and other resources are available at a new website in the coming weeks, the new campaign resources, including a DVD with stories of fire, how to stop smoking it. In addition and other materials available to IAFF affiliates in North America support the approximation of the members, families and communities to promote and encourage smoking cessation. Smoking is a major health risk for fire fighters, which already at high risk of disease such as heart disease, respiratory problems and certain cancers. In addition, smoking is the leading cause of fires and a significant occupational risk for fire.

‘We have to congratulate the IAFF for its commitment to this campaign and look forward to working on the goal of a smoke-free union,’Kindler said. ‘Firefighters are respected leaders in their communities, and this smoking cessation program affirms that leadership. ‘ – ‘Firefighters put themselves at risk to confront dangerous environments, high heat and flame, and exposure to burning materials,’said Schaitberger. ‘It’s stressful work and some respond by smoking by smoking. Yet smoking increases the health risks firefighters face. Avoid We want ‘.

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