The Carter Center.

Previous winners of the Gates Award include Thailand’s population and Community Development Association for its innovative work in family planning and HIV prevention , the Carter Center, to fight for his pioneering work on neglected diseases , the African Medical and Research Foundation, for improving health in some of the poorest communities in Africa , the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee, for community-based health programs , the Brazilian National AIDS Program, for its integrated approach to HIV prevention and treatment , the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, for contributions to polio eradication , and the ICDDR, B Center for Health and Population Research, for the discovery of a diarrhea therapy, which saved millions of lives .

These camps directly to on-call doctors in central hospitals Physicians diagnose and refer patients in real time, so that only those require an operation journey to hospital.. Since 1976, Aravind has research from a rented house with 11 beds to a thriving network of hospitals and satellite clinics, eye exams and surgeries, train health professionals, and manufacture eye care products have grown. Outreach teams from Aravind hospitals coordinate with local leaders and service groups across India to ‘Eye Camps ‘, the trials are free to organize.Implantation of gold is an effective treatment for chronic degenerative joint disease and the method has few serious side effects. Those study did does not reveal tissue part of the impact was due to the acupuncture with the gold lie in soft tissue, or a combination of of the two.

Cand. Gry Jaeger defended her dissertation titled ‘The effects out of gold Beads implantation in a dog model chronic arthritis a method of pain management,’May at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, 2009.