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Long term follow up will determine the influence of this phenomenon on ostial sidebranch stenosis. The IVUS data demonstrated that the trumpet-shaped self-expanding Sideguard stent contributed to vessel redesigning and also decreased plaque redistribution and carina shift when the Sideguard was placed in the coronary sidebranch vessel as an initial collection treatment. Dr. Gary Mintz stated that the, Expansion of a balloon expandable stent in the main vessel of a bifurcation lesion was associated with axial plaque distribution that had not been seen with the corresponding sidebranch treated with the Sideguard stent.Parents should certainly discuss risk with their service provider, however, not refuse treatment that may save and prolong their child’s existence, stated Marta Schulman, MD, FACR, FAAP, seat of the American College of Radiology Pediatric Imaging Commission. ACR accreditation means that: 1. The physician interpreting scans has met stringent training and education standards 2. The technologists working the equipment are accredited by the correct body 3. The imaging equipment is surveyed regularly by a medical physicist to make sure that is functioning correctly and is taking optimum images without surplus radiation. The ACR advises that no imaging exam ought to be performed unless there is a clear medical benefit. The utilization is supported by The ACR of the optimal degree of radiation needed in imaging exams to attain necessary results.