The increase could be due to migration.

In the past two years of the County Asian-American community has experienced a significant rise in the number of TB cases. Julie Higashi, deputy medical officer and tuberculosis controller for the Santa Clara County Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Program, 68 percent of active TB cases in Santa Clara County in 2007 occurred in the Asian-American population. The increase could be due to migration, both within and outside the United States, according to Higashi.

Dan Shin, an infectious disease specialist in Santa Clara County, estimates that 90 percent of TB patients are Asian. Said: In said: In the Asian population I call this an important question for both immigrants and people who have been here for decades, adding: The people who had been there probably infected earlier in their lives and as they get older immune system becomes weaker immune system becomes weaker, reactivated tuberculosis.She said its team now be investigate as the dendritic cells are to change into the arteries to move and because they of receiving several signals. Arteries. – earmarked funding for the National Institute for Health Research of the Department of Health .

Weyand hypothesis that dendritic cells in arterial to be mainly perform a protective, sedative functions. Arteries are in continuous contact with blood-borne germs, of potentially hazardous consequences of of damage to the vessel walls. ‘The when protective function protective function that we are should be seen inflammation and different vascular disease,’she says.