The leaders of Great Britain appear to be losing their minds.

British government surveilling 3-year-olds for ‘extremism’ while defending pedophile elitists Increasingly, the leaders of Great Britain appear to be losing their minds, further demonstrating that they seem incapable of distinguishing good, moral public policy from bad. As noted at Liberty Blitzkrieg, the British government has essentially launched a battle on toddlers with the implementation of a policy targeted at forcing nursery school teachers to identify extremist kids to the federal government. Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg wrote back January of the increasing insanity behind Britain’s approach to combating terrorism . A fresh counter-terrorism measure that was under consideration in the British parliament at the time would need nursery school personnel to survey toddlers they identified as being at risk of getting influenced or recruited by terrorists.

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As reported by the U.K.’s Daily Express, British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra says that thousands of people are right now needlessly suffering from cardiovascular disease and obesity as a direct result of bad advice that told them to avoid eating fats. Dr. Malhotra, an interventional cardiology expert registrar at Croydon University Medical center in London, has executed extensive research on the subject of fat intake and discovered that we have all fundamentally been lied to. The oft suggested low-fat diet is truly a major driver of both obesity and heart disease, he says, noting that the elimination of saturated and additional healthy fats from the diets of thousands of people world-wide has left them with more cardiovascular abnormalities, the opposite of what governments have long claimed.