The primary endpoint of the study is to evaluate progression-free survival by investigators.

The study by the National Cancer Institute under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement between the NCI and Genentech sponsored and powered by a network of researchers led by led by the Gynecologic Oncology Group . The primary endpoint of the study is to evaluate progression-free survival by investigators. Secondary endpoints of the study were overall survival, PFS by independent, objective response rate, safety, quality of life measures and analysis of patient tumor and blood samples. The journal publishes scholarly articles and reviews that. In all areas of clinical medicine and related research in basic biology information, please visitiology Organization promotes excellence in molecular life sciences in Europe by recognizing and fostering talented scientists, empowering them in the field of molecular biology to promote.– countries and the German Federal government to raise minimum standards for training for all direct care staff.

After infection control and Today , varies average cost for each infection associated with invasive medical devices by $ 34,000 to $ 56,000, these infections be an annual financial burden of up to $ 2, the American Health System the New England Journal of Medicine . Indicates about half the 2 million cases of nosocomial infections In January 2006 the United States in the United States are associated with inherent in units. Infection associated with surgical implants more difficult to handle usually, because it take a longer antibiotic therapy and reiterated surgical intervention.

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