The United Network for Organ Sharing article.

In 2002, the United Network for Organ Sharing, a new policy to make better use of higher-risk organs that make once considered unsuitable for transplantation. These organs from expanded criteria donors include kidneys from deceased donors aged over 60 or over 50 years, those with health problems such as hypertension, stroke, or elevated levels of a protein called creatinine article . Levels of creatinine, which is produced by muscle, are used to determine kidney function. Controversy exists regarding the optimal approach to the elderly donor and recipient, said Moore. Been voiced Ethical Concerns, that providing that providing elderly patients have end state renal disease with scarce kidneys from deceased donors do not make a profitable investment .

Has grown in recent years evidence shows superior results in the treatment of lung tumors with high doses of radiation delivered in three or four treatments. The results of the study on patients treated operated from these short courses survival rates and local control rates were similar to those demonstrated traditional surgery. As moves moves towards adoption of minimally invasive alternative for the treatment of data, comparing the results of surgery less invasive treatment options such as radiosurgery, become extremely important. – ‘We feel the time is right less invasive alternatives less invasive alternatives for early stage lung cancer patients,’said Jack Roth, Professor and Bud Johnson Clinical Distinguished Chair, Department of Thoraci high dose Radiation Oncology, co – investigators of the study.

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